Engineering focused VR programs for Enterprise and Higher Education


With training environments ranging from Astronautics and Aerospace teaching to Aviation Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) training, we have training environments that can be further tailored to your needs 

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Power Satellite 1
Jet Engine Assembly
Satellite Arrays
Turbine Close Up
Power Systems Trainer 2
Turbojet External Details
Learn by Doing

Become immersed with high fidelity graphics and engineering levels of detail which allows you to train by getting "virtually hands-on" with the training scenario and learn by doing practice; rather than just theory

Train in any Scenario

Easily configure your training to different use cases to adapt to changing skill requirements within industry.  Simply switch programs when needed from within your account 

Teach Flexibly

Each of our programs are built on standard templates so they can be tailored to your individual requirements. Need different CAD models or scenarios? We can quickly tailor the programs to your exact specifications

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For Higher Education 

For Enterprise

We provide VR teaching environments that your students can use to get “virtual hands-on” practice with real-world equipment, and that can also give them the experience of industry analogue scenarios


The result is graduates who are more skilled and experienced than those who learn by lectures and textbooks alone  


This gives every VR trained student a competitive edge in the job market! 

Our Virtual Reality Environments are the most cost-effective and proficient way to train and upskill your staff


The programs work "out of the box" but can be further tailored to your company's needs and designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing software, systems and processes

This results in a "plug and play" system that you can use to reduce the time that staff and equipment have to be in training!

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MRO Training 

MRO Training

Electrical System Trainer

Satellite Power Subsystem Trainer

Turbojet Engine Trainer


More programs coming soon!


More programs coming soon!


More programs coming soon!