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Our moonshot to accelerate global engineering design&development 
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Concurrent Engineering or Concurrent Design is a process by which tasks are carried out simultaneously by a collaborative, multidisciplinary team. It’s one of the most widely used processes for design and development today

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The Existing System 

Engineering development has progressed from hand drafting and slide rules to modern Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and these advances have brought new systems and products to market.

However, now we are starting to see the next paradigm shift, merging the power of immersive technologies into the concurrent design process to allow for faster, more accurate and more flexible engineering. 

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Our Moonshot 

Our moonshot is to “level up” global engineering and scientific development through the use of immersive technologies to provide Immersive Concurrent Design Facilities. 


This system fundamentally changes the concurrent design process.

Instead of only the project leaders having the most up-to-date knowledge of the project, VR’s visualisation power allows anyone to see the most recent version of the product as a whole.

Another major advantage is that engineers can work to design components in VR around the product model itself, instead of in isolation.


This promotes a complete understanding of what’s happening in the project, keeping everyone on the same page. 

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The fundamental benefit of this system is that companies can iterate and design systems and products faster and more accurately than currently possible. This works to accelerate the pace of global engineering and scientific developments! 

The Benefits 
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 With better design tools comes faster innovation, and faster innovation means less time designing and more time producing revenue-generating assets 

Quicker design & development times 

Remote designing without compromise  

The Concurrent Design Facility brings teams together flawlessly wherever they may be situated across the globe 

Everyone’s kept on the same page 

With VR’s visualisation power, everyone can see each collaborator’s work as soon as it’s complete. Modifications can now be seen in real time and acted upon, which tightens up the project feedback loops

Everyone’s kept on the same page 

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We Want You!  

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