Aircraft Electrical Systems Trainer ​​


Program Description

This program is a VR training environment that combines virtual reality with the hands-on training techniques of the aviation maintenance technician. This program allows technicians to become familiar and comfortable with various types of aircraft electrical systems.


Technicians actively manipulate aircraft electrical components, cabling and harnesses to complete training objectives, interact with various aircraft systems and practise preventive maintenance procedures and operation of electrical systems. 


The program provides an environment that allows the user to learn at their own pace, in the most immersive training experience possible. 

This program is still under development and the displayed description and features are not fully representative of the state of the final program 

Compatible with:

Windows Mixed Reality



Physically manipulate components and accurately position cabling


1:1 scale aircraft and subsystem component models


Evaluation of trainee performance in real-time


Multiple varied and dynamic training scenarios  


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Program Under Development

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