About Us 

We are an immersive engineering startup that uses virtual and augmented reality as tools to increase the scalability and proficiency of training for STEM higher education and engineering companies 

Our founders set up Touch Immersion in 2019 while still at university, experiencing some of the problems students face first hand and recognising the demand from industry to close the engineering skills gap 

The Team

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 We keep engineering and learning at the heart of our culture, and we regularly experiment, test and improve. If we don’t know how to do something, we aggressively learn how to do it and then improve our skills.

 The answer to a new idea or concept is never “we can’t do that”, it’s always, “let’s find out”. We combine rational engineering principles with entrepreneurial innovation, business knowledge and exponential thinking.  

 It’s a potent mix that delivers. 

Tal Horton-Horsman

 Director and Co-founder 

 “I see immersive technologies to be one of the main global driving forces behind the new industrial and educational revolution. The main reason I co-founded Touch Immersion is to achieve this vision.


Within the business I’m mainly responsible for Computer Aided Design (CAD), business strategy and the design of the VR architecture.


In addition to entrepreneurship, I have a keen passion for aviation, spaceflight, engineering and hiking.”  

  • MSc Astronautics and Space Engineering - Cranfield University  

  • BSc (Hons) Aerospace Technology with Pilot Studies - University of Hertfordshire 

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Campbell Drummond

 Director and Co-founder 

“VR has the potential to change how we teach and train highly technical content for all. During my time at university it became clear that as students, we were taught 3D problems in 2D. VR can and will change this. It will bring engineering problems back into their natural state, 3D, and allow for greater flexibility for all users.

Within the business, I’m mainly responsible for the VR environment development, multi-user operations and finance. 

In my free time, I enjoy driving, sports and learning all the latest updates in the Aerospace sector.”  

  • MSc Astronautics and Space Engineering - Cranfield University 

  • BSc (Hons) Aerospace Technology with Management - University of Hertfordshire 

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Above Earth

We have a passion for improving the quality of learning, training and design within the STEM sector. We recognise that through enhanced learning comes better understanding. This keeps us on track with our vision of accelerating the use of VR and AR technologies to drive further engineering and scientific developments.